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Is Sale/Leaseback Right for your Company/Organization?

Similar to coworking, a concept that is being seen in larger cities now trickling down to the secondary markets is called sale/leaseback. However, the two stem from two totally different means to an end. Business owners who have immediate needs to be met that require operating capital can sell their property to a third party […]


The Middle: A Two-Year Reflection

As short as two years really is, it feels like another lifetime ago. We are in the middle of the ride. As we reflect and celebrate this anniversary, we thought it would be fun for me to take a trip down memory lane of my time spent inside 911 College Street as Ment’s Brand + […]


Living Sustainably: College Edition

In true collaborative coworking fashion, we are handing the keyboard over to WKU sophomore Allison Cook who recently wrote on the topic of living sustainably. We’ve hit on ways you can be greener in your office, in our community and now we are including your (or your child’s) college lifestyle. We hope you enjoy this […]

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The Power of Empower-Ment

Written by Pare and Flourish Co-Founders, Katie Butler and Skylar Wooden When asked what our “-ment” word was, it was obvious. Empowerment. From the start of Pare and Flourish, we had one mission in mind: to empower others. Through articles. Through close-knit conversations. Through panel discussions.   And though it’s taken different forms, our mission […]


Getting Paid to Travel

There is such a craze around the idea of getting paid to travel. We get it, the Monday – Friday 9 to 5 jobs are not for everyone. “Location Independent Nomads” could possibly be one of my favorite titles and who knows, it could be your next one. However, if you’re not too into the […]

Are You a Lorax or a Once-ler?

Contributing Author: Ashley Brown A big Ment hello to all of you and thanks for checking in! First off, I would like to introduce another one of our talented interns, Ashley Brown who is a contributing author on this next post. Her job consists of all things Public Relations and as her first time on […]

Minimalism in Your Workspace

Written by: Emily Jones I  Follow her on Instagram @emilyjones232 First off, let me introduce myself! My name is Emily and I am a brand-new intern here at Ment Cowork. I am in charge of the social media accounts for us and this is my first time on the blog! Since I have started interning at […]

The Where & The How You Love to Work

This week kicks off our office-crush campaign where we will be talking about where we love to work and how we love to work. The where and the how are more important than we sometimes realize. Not all great success start out in beautiful offices, the garage where Bill Gates invented Microsoft comes to mind, […]

Bringing Back the Nap

Thousands of years ago, the tradition of napping or siestas began in Spain as a time for people to sleep though the hottest part of the day in order to avoid the sun’s strong midday rays. As the years have passed, the nap has evolved into many different forms of a break in the middle of our days. […]