3 Tips to Start September off Right

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As labor day weekend draws to an end, we all hopefully will head back to work this week with cleared minds and hopefully some rest. September has somehow snuck up on us, and can I just say how rude of summer to come and go so quickly. As business men and women, it is essential that we take each and every day to our full advantage. Today, I’m going to offer three tips to start the month off on the right foot and make it the most productive one yet. 

A new month brings the chance to start new, set goals, accomplish more and overall better yourself. Focus on where you’re at today, where you would like to be in the future and the steps you are going to take to get there. 

Get a good night’s sleep: I’m sure you have heard this one before, but how often have you actually tried to enable it in your routine? Leave your work at work, come home and be present with the ones you love and when it is time to unplug, I challenge you to really and truly unplug this month. Leave your cell phone charging across the room, lay your clothes out for the next morning and get to bed at a decent time. Wake up a bit earlier this month than you’re used to, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Use this time to manage morning tasks, answer emails and eat a nutritious breakfast. 

Set Goals: If you don’t have goals, WYD? This month set goals for yourself or your business. Whether it be one big one or three small ones, the ball is in your court. Put these goals somewhere you will look at them multiple times a day and each time you’re working on something, ask yourself if what you’re doing aligns with a specific goal. If it doesn’t, it probably is taking away from something more beneficial you could be doing. And that leads us to…

Avoid Multitasking: My personal worst. This month, rather than micromanaging one hundred little projects, try focusing on one project or task at a time. Decide how you want to manage your ideas and follow a list or timeline to check things off. Believe it or not, this will actually decrease stress and increase productivity. 

Find an accountability partner to help you establish these goals and stick to them. I hope these few tips help you start September off on the best foot possible! 


Ment Cowork Ribbon Cutting

A Cowork Ribbon Cutting

8.23.18 Bowling Green, KY – On a Thursday afternoon, Ment Cowork in collaboration with its parent company, Ewing Ford Properties, opened their (elevator) doors to the city of Bowling Green in celebration of their grand opening.

Their coworking concept, first of its kind in town, began development in December 2017. After construction was completed in June of this year, owner JD Haase & team curated 3,800 sq. ft. of workspace with the future member in mind. As their mission statement reads, they are here to unite community and creativity for the success of your idea.

Introductions during the ceremony were made by Chamber Vice President of Partnership Services, Maureen Carpenter, complimented with speeches given by JD and Ment’s Community Manager, Hayley Hoback.  The space was showcased throughout the open house as well as more than a few local Bowling Green businesses. Mary Jane’s Fine Chocolates, Spencer’s Coffee, Mission Catering just to name a few, as well as an out-of-town guest Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company out of Louisville, KY who sponsored the bar and beverages.

With the ribbon being cut, Ment is ready to take in its members. To book a Coworking Day Pass or sign an office space lease, head to www.mentcowork.com to fill out a contact form today.

About Ment

Ment is a coworking office space located in the heart of Downtown Bowling Green. This shared, coworking office space is in a completely remodeled 130 year old building with plenty of hardwood floors and exposed brick. The idea of “coworking” first came to the US in 2007 with offices opening each year in cities across the United States and around the world. Ment offers dedicated office spaces along with common space for all. In its first phase, the space can occupy up to 30 persons total. The concept is ideal for start-up businesses or businesses that have outgrown their current space or their home office.  Along with its many features, Ment will allow reserved parking, free coffee and snacks, monthly meals, a private kitchenette, a private conference room, high speed internet and furnished offices in a social/team building atmosphere.

For more information, visit https://mentcowork.com



Ment Cowork

911 College Street, Suite 203, Bowling Green, KY 42101

(270) 775-0525

[email protected]


For Press Inquiries Hayley Hoback

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