Hello Menternship

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Hi guys! You may have been reading a few of my words recently or seen a new face around here at Ment, so I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. My name is Hannah Vanover and I am the newest intern at Ment Cowork! I will be managing and assisting with all things media related. I am so excited to be getting started here and to have a change of pace this year and learn a few new things. 

I am a public relations and photojournalism major at WKU. I’m originally from Owensboro, Ky., and now currently live in Beaver Dam and commute to college in Bowling Green. Don’t let my native location fool you though…I love immersing myself into different communities! I am an avid taco lover and homebody who also loves people. My friends typically call me “supergirl,” possibly because I love keeping myself busy and tend to do the “impossible” when I take on too many things that I am passionate about. Along with my Ment internship, you can find me as a cashier at my local Walmart or freelancing as a reporter and photographer at two different publications in and near my town. If you still can’t find me, chances are I am out photographing for my business: HV Photography or in my home studio. I also may be at home hiding out and binge watching the entire series of New Girl on Netflix for the fifth time…the world may never know! 

As I hear it is tradition, it’s time to announce my ment word which is *drumroll* Encouragement. While this may seem like a simple one, it is important to me. I am a believer that kindness goes a long way. A helping hand, a smiling face or a word or two of encouragement – it never hurts. As I am writing this just one week before the new year, I encourage you all to find ways to offer support and inspiration to others. Start thinking about your own 3:59s because I know I have mine! And be sure to stay tuned for some encouraging posts in the following weeks!

3 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Still searching (or maybe you forgot to buy) that perfect Christmas gift for your loved one? We’ve got you covered this holiday season with three DIY gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones faces!

We have noticed how busy everyone is around the holiday season, especially our members here at Ment! We love our members and are always trying our best to give back so we figured what better way to test a few these gift ideas then to gift them out! 

Sharpie Mugs

We all love mugs right? Even better, you don’t even have to be an artist! Just trade in your paintbrush for a sharpie pen and become your own Picasso.

If you’re like me, you may buy your mugs at the dollar store or even the dollar tree. This is perfect because all you need is a plain white mug. Grab your favorite designs, letters or stickers at any craft store and apply them to your mug! Because let’s not pretend like we don’t all own atleast one monogrammed item – am I right?  We also discovered that contact paper works as well! One thing you may need to invest in is an oil based sharpie paint pen. This is important so make sure your paying attention! Regular sharpies will not work for this project so be sure that they are oil based to assure that your design won’t come off. Lastly, turn up the heat and toss them (maybe not literally) into the oven and “bake” for 30 minutes, let them sit, then peel off the sticker! 

And voila – a cute and personalized mug with no hassle!

We are so excited about this one because endless coffee (and other amenities) here at Ment, means you are always welcome to bring your favorite mug or use one of ours. Those free Spencer’s coffee beans are just waiting to be brewed and poured into our mugs! This time next week, the Ment offices just may be “brewing” with happy members and mug lovers! 

Sidenote: while it has been said that these mugs are washable, we decided not to test them out in a dishwasher so approach with caution at your own risk on that one! However, as we obviously go through coffee like its water around here, we can safely say that they are hand washable!


Christmas Sugar Cookie Scrub

Ditch those typical lotion and perfume holiday gifts and give something that not only smells like the holidays but also looks like it! With only a few ingredients, you will be ready to treat your loved ones (or yourself) in no time.

If you don’t already have these things sitting around your house, it should be fairly easy to get your hands on them. You will need sugar because of course you’re going to be smelling sweet, organic coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils (Plant Therapy has a bunch of fun holiday scents!) and a sprinkle of… well – sprinkles! Mix together and pour into a mason jar and you are set! 

So easy and simple and who doesn’t love a gift in a mason jar? Tie a ribbon on it and your ready to gift! While we didn’t mix up this fun concoction yet for our members, we thought it was too neat to pass up sharing. After making up a small batch of my own at home, I can safely say that it will have you smelling like Christmas and your skin glowing! While I will never pass up a trip to Bath and Body Works, sometimes there is just nothing like making something of your own. Not to mention, this makes for a more personal and thoughtful gift for your loved one. 


 Hot Cocoa Ornaments

Not sure if your family and friends would prefer a nice décor item or a sweet treat? Why not make both! It’s a win-win for everyone and a simple gift idea with endless options.

If you like hot cocoa and enjoy Christmas ornaments, you should have fun with this one. Grab some clear craft ornaments from your local Walmart or craft store and get ready to fill them with sweet goodness. Use your favorite packaged instant hot chocolate mix (we chose Swiss Miss) and throw in all of the “fixins” to top it off. I suggest using a funnel for this part because it can get a little messy.  Put the top back on the ornament and there we have it!

A decoration AND a delicious drink…it doesn’t get much better than that! Add a name tag or ribbon to the top for a little extra personalization and you are finished. We had a lot of fun making these for our members and my family just may be getting a few of these too. Just like Ment, these ornaments perfectly fit the definition of functionality. 

An office space that provides the perfect work atmosphere and a fun environment to interact with others —  A decorative holiday ornament that doubles as a sweet treat for later. 

I see no difference! 

These decorations will be hanging from the tree in our lobby all week just waiting for our members to come take them home! 

So there we have it folks! Three gift ideas that are sure to keep you, your loved ones and your bank account happy this Christmas season. With less than a week left before the big day, the clock is ticking so what are you waiting for? Get crafty and have some fun – we know we sure did!

What is My 3:59? The Story and Name Behind the Movement


This month, we are introducing you to our community partner, My 3:59 and the man who started it, Dan Klein. This year, we are ditching the New Year’s resolutions for “3:59s.” Want to set a goal for yourself that you’ve been aiming towards for a while? Now is the time with the new year approaching. Klein’s story has inspired us to do the same. 

Klein created his own movement after becoming inspired by Roger Bannister, the first person to break the four-minute mile barrier when, at the time, it was scientifically proven that the human body just couldn’t do it. Despite all of the naysayers Bannister not only to set out to break the mythical barrier – he did it! He did the impossible, he broke the 4 minute mile. He ran it in 3:59. 

As a husband and father of four, Klein was diagnosed with cancer and walked away with a life changing perspective on life and the things that the human body is capable of – both mentally and physically. Dan Klein started the My 3:59 movement with the dunk of a basketball at the age of 42; a goal that he had set for himself after his diagnosis. After going through cancer and experiencing everything the illness teaches you physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, he approached the dunk with the 3:59 attitude and did his impossible – his 3:59. He made the dunk but more importantly, he achieved the 3:59 spirit. 

Since the then, there have been other 3:59s. Physical ones like hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim and completing the Louisville Ironman. Along with other life 3:59s – starting his own business, learning to play the guitar with one of his sons, and writing a book to share the My 3:59 story with others. Many others have responded by setting their own 3:59s as well! Everything from someone starting a non-profit they always dreamt about to someone acting in a play to a grandmother learning to swim for the first time at the age of 72 so she could swim with her grandchildren. 

“It’s really inspiring to see people take the My 3:59 story and spirit and turn it inward and become very intentional about doing the impossibles of their lives, their “I always wanted to….”, their 3:59s,” Klein said.

Dan Klein’s book can be purchased on Amazon or found at his website along with additional information. Klein is also available as a speaker at events where he shares motivation and encouragement with others. 

3:59s are all about setting goals for yourself and achieving them. If Klein’s story can teach us anything, it’s to keep pushing until you reach the impossible!

At Ment Cowork, we have achieved a series of 3:59s of our own. Being the first of its kind in Bowling Green, we have worked to establish an  environment that is the ideal place for members to do business. Stay tuned to hear about some of our personal goals here at Ment Cowork and to hear how we are planning to make some changes of our own.


Introducing Our Newest Mentern Carli

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Hi friends! My name is Carli Hughes and I’m the newest Mentern. I’m so excited to be starting my internship here at Ment where I’ll be able to explore what this exciting journey has to offer. As you’ve gotten to know all the previous interns, I am no exception and would love to share who I am with you. 

I was born and raised here in Bowling Green, KY with a background in makeup, skincare & esthetics. Through this career I’ve learned the importance of marketing and social media presence and how this can greatly impact a brand. Being from Bowling Green I enjoy connecting with the community and will often shop local; it’s just the culture here! I believe coworking is a wonderful addition to some of the things our city has to offer for our community. 

Sometimes I find talking about myself brings back flashbacks of the first day of school when you have to share with the class a few things about yourself and you’ve completely gone blank. Who am I? What defines me? What are some interesting quirks? I enjoy going to the movie theaters alone, I rewatch the same 5 shows, I can successfully knit a square & I believe the perfect date is April 25th because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. (Shoutout to all my Miss Congeniality fans) I think it’s important in life to take every moment as it comes and find the right group of people to surround yourself with. Do what makes you happy, have some fun & just do you boo.

I like to keep things short and sweet so I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to learn a little more about me and what I value. Before I sign off, I’d like to share my -ment word with you and why I feel it’s important. I chose momentum. The law of momentum states that an object will stay in motion until it meets a resisting force. So I leave you with this – keep pushing forward because there’s nothing standing in your way.

Goodbye Menternship

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As I spend one of my last days here at 911 college street, I am able to reflect on my time spent at Ment. Coming into this internship, I was unfamiliar with the coworking industry and the community that came with it. From the inspiring space to the empowering people, my time here at Ment has been nothing short of amazing. 


Between content creation and management, to organizing events and keeping in touch with other professionals in the community, I feel I have gained real world insight about the public relations industry as a whole. Being a mentern has given me knowledge that I can’t learn in a classroom and I am so thankful for the experience! I want to give a special thanks to Hayley, Valerie and JD for providing me with this opportunity. 


In just a few short weeks, I will be graduating and making the move back to Lexington, Kentucky to pursue my photography business full-time. I plan on implementing social media and creative writing skills that I have gained here at Ment into my own business. If you want to keep up with me, feel free to follow my social accounts at @abigail.e.photography. 


I hope that you all have enjoyed reading my blog posts over the course of the semester. I have loved being a part of this community and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Ment Cowork! It’s not a goodbye, rather a see you later. 


I’m coming for you, big girl world.



Ment Insider Tour

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If you follow us on instagram, you are probably familiar with what our space looks like by now, However, several people who wonder to our blog have no clue who we are or what we offer as a coworking facility. Head to the link below to check it out and feel free to leave a review on what you think of our space in the comments!