Travel and Cowork: Part 2

One of the best things about coworking is that there are spaces everywhere. If you are traveling, I would bet there is a coworking space in the city you are in: maybe even more than one.  

A couple months ago, we did a blog post about travel and coworking and highlighted a few spaces in Nashville and St. Louis. We promised we would add more and we are fulfilling that promise.

Last week, Hayley and I got the privilege to visit some coworking spaces in Louisville. We hopped in the car on Wednesday night and hit the road to find out about all things coworking in Kentucky’s biggest city. Here are some of the things we found:

iHub: Louisville, Kentucky

Our very first stop was Hi-Five Doughnuts and coffee at Please and Thank You (of course), but our first coworking space on the list was iHub. We were greeted by Catherine and we jumped right into the tour. iHub is a coworking space that focuses on entrepreneurs and creators. Their space offers a large coworking area with tables and chairs that can move to be any shape, a couple of conference rooms and of course, coffee and snacks! What I found most intriguing was the partnerships they have with students from University of Louisville. iHub offers a networking opportunity for students to meet people in their field while they work. Thanks for having us, iHub! 

Story: Louisville, Kentucky

Next stop on our coworking tour of Louisville was Story Louisville. Their website says they are “the movers, the shakers, the makers, the doers, and dreamers, the storytellers and innovators who tell the story of our great city.” We were greeted by Lauren and had an amazing tour of their space, complete with coworking spaces, conference rooms, and even a photography studio. Ment actually has a couple things in common with Story-we are both located on top of a coffee shop (us with Spencer’s Coffee and them with Please and Thank You) and we are both going through the process of expanding. Story has a really incredible space and are continuing to grow through a new three-story building that will give them more space to blossom! Thanks for having us, Story Louisville!

Check them out on Instagram: @storylouisville

The Park: Louisville, Kentucky

The last stop on our journey was The Park. The first thing that struck me about this coworking space was their greenery wall as soon as you walk in. It just adds life to the space and is totally Instagrammable, if you’re into that kind of thing (I am). We met Dani at the door, who is The Park’s community manager. She actually graduated from Western Kentucky University and we chatted about all things on the Hill—Go Tops! The Park is different because it only offers coworking memberships and no dedicated offices. This allows for an even closer knit community at The Park. They also provide their members with coffee, conference rooms, and call booths. The Park is an unique take on coworking and we loved that we were able to stop by.

Check them out on Instagram: @workatthepark

If you ever find yourself in Louisville and need a place to work, we recommend all of these places! We here at Ment learned so much on our visit and can’t wait to implement some things we learned to our space in BG! Stay tuned 😉

Getting Paid to Travel


There is such a craze around the idea of getting paid to travel. We get it, the Monday – Friday 9 to 5 jobs are not for everyone. “Location Independent Nomads” could possibly be one of my favorite titles and who knows, it could be your next one. However, if you’re not too into the digital ways of work, CNBC released an article last summer on the best travel jobs that pay six figures and they are careers any one of us could be working towards. Taking it a step further, I decided to go on a job hunt for you by using Simply Hired. Here are a few to get you started. Click on the job titles to start applying today and shout us out when you’re a successfully employed traveler!

1.  Airline Pilot Average salary: $137,330

Hotel accommodations? Check. Transportation to the airport? Check. An allowance for meals? Got it! Any other expense incurred while “on the clock” don’t worry about it. The airline you work for will have that covered as well. Not only do you get to get paid to travel, you get compensated when you arrive at your destination. Sounds like a pretty nice deal to us.

2. Cruise Ship Director Average salary: $136,000

Let’s make like a Tom and cruise. Plug in a few nautical terms to your vocabulary and place the hat upon your head because your future out to sea is underway. If you find your skillset to be in planning, events and having fun, this could be the job for you. The cruise director takes charge of activities, entertainment, recreations and events for all ages of a cruise ship, for both kids and adults, whether it’s games and scavenger hunts or happy hours and themed nightclub events.

3. Creative or Art Director Average salary: $133,000

Let’s make like a Tom and cruise, again? Creative or Art Directors have the job of determining the overall vision, working with designers, artists, copywriters and marketers when a new location (or ship) in built within the company. Hotels, cruise ships, airlines, bus companies and more all need creative and art directors. Do you have the eye for this type of job? Aye Aye captain!

4. Travel Publicist Average salary: $116,000

Are you the type who makes best friends with fellow hotel guests while on vacation? You may just have a future in PR. As a travel publicist, you could be working for a hotel (or hotel chain), cruise line, airline or with an agency that represents travel-related clients. Most travel publicists are required to travel for their job to pitch new clients, familiarize themselves with properties they represent, take journalists on press trips or to participate travel trade shows and conferences. This sounds like a dream!

Others listed are Director of Sales ($108,737),  Hotel Manager ($105,000), Luxury Travel Advisor ($100,000), all easily attainable and ready to put you on the map. Where will you go next?