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Another great thing about coworking: spaces are opening up all over the place. We aren’t the only ones who offer a first-time free trial day either. One of my new favorite things to do is to try to find a coworking space for me to work from for the day when I travel to different cities. You will find each one stands out from the next and bring their own work concepts to life in many different styles. Below are a few I have visited so far which I 100% recommend.

Covo – St. Louis

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Covo was such a productive escape for the day. It is located in an old bank building in downtown St. Louis and in walking distance from many of the hotels and the arch. Seen here is their main coworking lounge which is where I was stationed in a comfy yet supportive chair and table for about 3 hours. The noise levels were soothing, with music playing overhead and the occasional chatter of a team meeting up but never loud enough to distract.

To top off the experience, Covo offers their first-timers a complimentary drink ticket to their bar, Trust, which opens up at 4 p.m. throughout the week. I just so happened to be working on a day when they were having their member happy hour which was incredible of course. Every person I talked to had a unique story as to what they did for a living and what they liked most about working out of a coworking space. It was a day filled with working + networking which in my book is a very successful day.

Check them out on Instagram: @covostl

Industrious – Downtown Nashville

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Last Thursday, our intern Maddie and I jumped in the car and headed to Nashville for a quest of coworking. This entailed getting tours of all of the following spaces and meeting some pretty awesome community managers who were more than willing to show us the ropes.

First stop was Industrious at their downtown location with community manager, Blake. Blake was nice enough to be the A to all of our Qs about Industrious as a brand and as a leader in the coworking industry. On their website they mention having stunning offices, inviting hospitality and an inspiring community which could not have been more apparent. The sunlight beamed through their ceiling to floor windows overlooking Nashville which wrapped the outsides of the every workspace in the place. Talk about stunning.

Check them out on Instagram: @industriousnashville

Center 615 – East Nashville

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Next, we stopped over at Center 615 who has three buildings that make up their campus. Here we met Beth who gave us a tour of their main building which as you can tell from the photo above was definitely one of a kind. However, what I noticed right off the bat is that they are pet friendly! Let’s just go ahead and put out there that having your furry friend with you throughout the day doesn’t have to be statistically proven to know that it is such an added benefit in the workplace. (If you want to read more about this, feel free to check out this article!)

Besides welcoming pets, this coworking space has many added benefits for its members such as dry cleaning pick up/drop off, discounts at various Nashville businesses, nap & meditation rooms and even partnering coworking spaces around the country for their members to have free work days at. Beth and her team at Center 615 truly do have the details covered so their members can focus on the big picture.

Check them out on Instagram: @center615

Three One Three – Nashville

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The energy in Three One Three was just as positively uplifting as their community manager’s, Taylor, who showed us around at our last stop of the day. Upon walking in, we were greeted with a smile and a sniff – smile being from Taylor, the sniff was from Batman, the office dog. With white walls and floors and pops of color and texture, it is a work space that embodies it’s members and welcomes all.

This coworking space takes it to another level as they say, “Beyond creatives to all business profiles.” Their space includes an entire warehouse dedicated to their e-commerce members who need fulfillment centers to ship products. Past that, every nook and corner in the place has been transformed into a work spot which makes them perfect for teams of all shapes and sizes. It is a transformative space that is 100% made up by the people who are working there.

Check them out on Instagram: @313cowork

There you have it! The list will continue to be added to as we head into the new year. Our challenge for you is to do the same! A simple google search for coworking spots around me when you have some down time while traveling could lead you to some pretty neat places and people who could end up being a great resource for you in the future.

Happy coworking!