BG Nonprofits

In line with our community partner for the month, SKY Soccer, we are talking all things non-profit and how utilizing a coworking space goes hand in hand.

In the business world, nonprofits and coworking spaces (co)work well together for several reasons. Nonprofits need to focus on their mission, not the little things that it takes to make a business run. Coworking allows them to share infrastructure costs which lets them save a lot of time and money. (Which we are all about!)

Sharing office space with other nonprofits can reduce isolation they may feel. Remote working together reinforces a much-needed sense of community. Additionally, 90% of coworking members have been found to be happier after joining.

SKY Soccer Club is a nonprofit and they love working at Ment. When SKY went virtual a few years ago, they knew they still needed a space to work away from their homes and host meetings. SKY’s club administrator, Keiliah Prater, said that having the ability to work at a place that provides for all of their needs has been such a crucial part of their success as a non-profit, especially over the last few months.

The availability to come and go as we please, the amenities, board room, and location, are all the things that won us over! It was ‘Ment’ to be.

SKY Soccer is just one non-profit organization in Bowling Green. We want to mention a few more that we think everyone in BG should know about:

Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society
Potter Children’s Home and Family Ministries
International Center of Kentucky
Center for Courageous Kids
Community Farmers Market
Hope Harbor
Hope House Ministries
Junior Achievement of South Central KY
LifeSkills, Inc


You can find a full list on the BG Chamber website.