Go look up hygge on any image search engine and notice how you feel when doing so. As Winnie-the-Pooh said, “You don’t spell it, you feel it.” I have recently begun reading this book called The Little Book of Hygge, courtesy of one of our coworkers here at Ment and although not too far into it yet, I can already tell it is a factor that comes into play in the lives of many when they are trying to live a better, more self-caring life balance. (Remember our little New Years resolution we made?)

So what is it? Hygge is the Danish lifestyle concept of cozy, comfortable and quality living. Think comfy sweaters, fuzzy socks, a warm cup of tea and the crackling of a wood burning fire. Chief executive of the Happiness Research Institute and author of this little book, Mike Wiking, describes it as being to the Danes what freedom is to Americans. This concept goes right along with our coworking wellness month. We don’t take any responsibility for desk fire-hazards, but having lit candles in your workspace, keeping your favorite sweater hanging on your chair or making an office playlist could all be deemed creating hygge in the workplace.

The Washington Post did an article about hygge as well as five other imported lifestyle concepts that have the potential to reach hygge status in the States. To read more, click here.

Work-Life Balance: Coworking Wellness

We all are familiar with the hopes and dreams a new year brings. For some, it acts as an excuse to reinvent themselves, for others it may bring disappointment when looking back on past failed attempts. No matter how the start of a new year is viewed, it is still just that: a new year. 365 days that we have no idea what they will entail.

We decided here at Ment that we are going to play into the New Years resolution mumbo jumbo because we found a resolution that we feel it completely 110% worth making an effort to stick to. In 2019, we are going to promise to ourselves to find our own work-life balance and let our coworking space promote just that. We feel that it is our job to spread the light and be the lighthouse for all who are out there struggling to start their “not-so-typical” careers and those who are creators and self-starters, those who don’t thrive in the old ways of having a traditional 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday work week, those reinventing themselves.

Coworking wellness is something you will see us bringing up this year and we are thrilled to begin sharing it with you, our community. From mastering the art of hygge, to collaborative coworking studios and community-focused working, we will be covering it all.

From our team to you, cheers to a Happy New Year and an even Happier New You!