The Where & The How You Love to Work

This week kicks off our office-crush campaign where we will be talking about where we love to work and how we love to work. The where and the how are more important than we sometimes realize. Not all great success start out in beautiful offices, the garage where Bill Gates invented Microsoft comes to mind, but having a comfy chair, natural light and decor matching your personality doesn’t hurt either and could actually foster the right frame of mind to keep you on track with your goals.

Let’s talk decor. Less is sometimes more and does not mean it has to be boring. At Ment, this is our office-crush style. We provide our members with private offices that are blank canvases waiting to be garnished to their liking. The mixture of large white and brick walls with neutral colors & natural light opens up all sorts of possibilities.

What are the things you can do to define your office-crush style that also fosters the right frame of mind? Here’s what we have found:

  • Think about what motivates you and then have a reminder of this somewhere in your workspace where you will see every day you come to the office. Keeping tokens of past accomplishments are usually small and can be easily displayed. By having these near, they are great reminders of how far you’ve already come and can make you feel proud and accomplished throughout your day.
  • The same goes for family photos, cheeky signs and goal lists, these are all reminders that could push you to keep going.
  • A great desk chair. It’s just like a bed, you spend a majority of your life in it so it’s worth splurging a little to get it right.
  • Not so glamorous, but invest in a document scanner or utilize the one we have for you in Ment! You will have less paper clutter and more desk space to keep clean and organized.
  • Accessorize with items that bring you happiness which falls in line with the lifestyle of hygge or if you have been watching Tidying Up on Netflix (do it) she explains how you should only keep the things that give you a sparkle feeling. She may have been talking about clothes, but the same goes for your office. Want a bottle of champagne ready to be popped every Friday after work? Add a bar cart and get the celebration started. Because after all, if we aren’t celebrating our accomplishments, little or big, what are we even doing it for? You can check places like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for lightly used pieces that will keep your office design on budget.
  • Colors. As you may already know, each color has a different meaning behind it. Bring this concept in through desk and office supplies like paper organizers, staplers, pen holders or mouse pads. Get creative!
  • And to wrap it all up, it is recommended that you take the time every six months to do a cleanup and revamp things a bit to give yourself some new inspiration.

These are just a few and you can find out way more by reading our article pick for the week from Forbes called Create Your Dream Home Office Inspired By The Workspaces Of Top Influencers And Entrepreneurs. Guys – don’t miss out because the article is only about female entrepreneurs. There are some great tips in there for all office owners.

An office can be created anywhere & anyhow you want it to be. Not to keep throwing working from home under the bus, but it means that work is highly accessible to you at all times, and as a part of our work-life balance resolution we made (I know you haven’t forgotten about that!) we made a promise to work when work needs to be done and be present in our own personal lives just as equally if not more. As the cheeky sign says, “If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.” Take the leap, start designing your own space in an office where you love to work and somewhere where you love how you work so that you can start achieving those goals, accomplishing the tasks and committing to yourself + your idea, whatever it may be.