Why Cowork?

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

The Benefits of Coworking

Though they have been around for going on 12 years, coworking spaces are still a concept that many are not familiar with. Sure maybe you are if you live in a big city. But for those of us “small” town folk, it’s brand spankin new. Ment is here to give you the why and maybe that will help with the what.

  1. Flexibility: Who likes signing their life away and committing to a 3+ year lease for an office space – especially when you are just starting out your business venture. Coworking is perfect for those of us who are living our best creative life & with that, we might never know what’s going to come next. At Ment Cowork, we get that. Of course we want to be the tank to your think forever, but constantly changing members is a part of the process and also keeps coworking fresh. Leases start as short as a day pass all the way up to a full year.
  2. The Network is REAL: We have all heard about the importance of networking – in today’s world more people than not have gotten their job this way. In a coworking space, it is a 24/7 opportunity to network. Granted we don’t want to encourage people to bug others while they are working, but the occasional coffee pot breaks might be a good time for introductions and such.
  3. Did someone say coffee pot? FREE COFFEE Y’ALL: At Ment, we feel it is our duty to our country to supply our members with the best caffeinated drinks out there (aka Spencer’s coffee). Afterall, America consumes the 8th most coffee of any country out there. It is a fact that coffee increases energy levels, improves physical performance, Lower levels of depression and higher levels of happiness, and even FIGHT OFF DEATH. So in a nutshell, coworking = coffee and we offer it to our members for free.
  4. Diverse Community: The beauty of working in a coworking space is being immersed in a very diverse community. One neighbor could be a magazine and the next could be a travel agent. There is never a dull moment this way and there will always be new exciting hustle and bustle popping up.
  5. All-Inclusive: We value your time and money so we just cut through the hassle of opening up utility accounts. All you pay a month is for your membership and we handle the rest.

These are just a few of the reasons we think coworking is your next step to success. Whether you are a local or an out of town visitor, we welcome you to come find your own reason for why cowork.

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