Sharing Our 3:59s


With all of this 3:59 talk, I know what your thinking – what is YOUR 3:59??  I guess it’s about time we share with you some of our personal goals for this year. 

First off, I’m just going to be real with myself here – I am far from perfect. I have strayed off of my productive path this past year and lost site of what is important. But as they always say, “There’s always next year right?” Well I am claiming this as MY year. I have many 3:59s. More than there is time to share! However my main one is simply to start living in a state of wellness

We’ve all probably heard this general statement, but what does this mean to me? Overall, it’s doing little things that may be simple, but not always easy – things like drinking more water, eating healthier and becoming more active. I’ve been looking into some of our community partners such as Beet Box, Zest and The Spot and I have to say, I think they are going to be making my 3:59 a little easier to accomplish.

I also created a professional 3:59 for myself to have successfully branded my name and business by the end of this year. This means increasing posts and content on my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as working on my LinkedIn profile and website.I think I just might be paying a little visit to Ment’s brand manager, Hayley Kruth for a little help on that one. 

I’ve got a lot of work to do this year but it helps to know that I have encouragement from my fellow Ment members and to know that I am not alone. Here at Ment, we all taking the challenge to achieve something new this year. Here are a few of the things that our fellow staff and members are choosing to work toward: 

Our community relations intern Carli and Hayley decided to make theirs with lifestyle goals in mind: 

 Carli Hughes – Ment Community Relations Intern

“Become more active”

“Say ‘no’ more”


Hayley Kruth – Ment Brand and Community Manager

“Write at least two blogs a day”

“Run a 10K in May”


A few of our other members were in the same boat as they provided answers such as: 

“Be confident”

“Stay active”

“Finish MBA”


Many of our members chose to set professional goals – something that is a must if you are working in a professional environment or position. Some of these included: 

“Broaden my local and professional network”

“Execute effectively” 

“Strengthen professional network”

“Lead peers / develop team performance and capability”


Others chose to go with a more direct path – something else that may prove to be useful in the future. Being specific about what you want and providing exact times, dates or numbers can be that push of motivation that you need and makes your goal measurable. When you are looking at your SMART goal, you won’t have to question the extent of which you need to do this because you have already identified it. Here are some examples that we took from a few members: 

“Make 5 new clients” 

“Land one state level IT Quality contract” 

“Reach 350 participants”

“Grow my thought leadership value in marketing a business strategy (blog, teaching, etc.)”


Perhaps you have some rather simpler goals that can be daunting. Things like drinking more water or finally getting around to that spring cleaning that you’ve been trying to do since last year. As one member said: 

“Clean out some baskets and drawers at home ‘It’s a major task!’ ” 

That it is, and we know how you feel Jackie!


Maybe you want to be broad and just throw it all into one summarizing statement: 

“Do more better”

Well Tim, I think that just about covers it. Ditto! 


One member decided to give herself a little advice and reminder for her 3:59 this year: 

“Remember to try your best everyday. Count your blessings and remember that nothing is permanent except for tattoos.” 

We couldn’t have said it better – a daily reminder that we could all work towards remembering. 

It’s kinda cool how everyone is at a different place in their lives, isn’t it? We’re all working towards something that will get us one step closer to the next successful chapter in our books. The most important thing to remember: it’s not about how you get there or when, but that you take the first step in doing so. Start working towards your impossibles right now and know that we are here to help you along the way! 

While we may not be able to run that 10K with you, we can guarantee an open coworking space that gives you the necessities to succeed in all aspects of your daily life. What is that saying again? “Happy ment member = happy life?” Although, if you come to the office with your yoga mat or drawers full of sewing supplies to sift through, we won’t judge – we will probably just join in!