How to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time job


More and more people have been turning to doing something on the side, along with their typical 9-to-5 job (cue the classic Dolly Parton.) Sometimes the income from one job just isn’t cutting it anymore or you are deciding to follow a deep-seeded passion of yours. A side-hustle may start just as such, but then may turn into a business of its own.

Leaving a seemingly steady job to embark on a business that is all your own can be invigorating, but also quite scary. Think about if you are willing to give up possible benefits and follow your heart’s desire. Of course, make sure you have enough income built up to live on beforehand. Are you making enough money with this side hustle to justify the leap? Don’t take the jump until you are fully ready and committed!

When starting out, you probably just want to reach as many people as you can through whatever means necessary, and I totally get that. But, just like any business, it is best to find your target market and stick to them. They will allow you to find your niche and decide what works and what doesn’t. Focus on what works. This could be through social media, traditional ads, or however you reach your consumer base. After the target market is met, branch out to those who might normally participate in your business. That is how to grow.

Time is money, especially as a fresh entrepreneur. Know that it’s on you to make things  happen but do not to spread yourself too thin: it’s a balance. Take breaks when you need them, do a little self-care, and then get back in the groove. I know it might be about making the most money at first, but soon it won’t be.

Being on your own in this capacity, you are probably wearing more than one hat: owner, HR, sales, and probably more. If you are feeling overworked and overwhelmed trying to get your business off the ground, break down your tasks into smaller ones and check them off of your list one by one. Seeing each item get ticked off makes you feel more accomplished and you will feel more productive! This builds up your own accountability. It is all on you and you can’t rely on any superiors to tell you what to do. Do what is best for you and your business.

This is one of my favorite tips that I have probably included in almost all my blog posts, but it is important! Ask for help! We as humans are not meant to do anything alone. When you are putting yourself in a vulnerable place such as starting your own business, know that it will be hard, but surround yourself with people who wish to see you succeed. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience, especially if you are doing everything on your own. Get to know people in the same line of work as you. Understand them as people beyond the competition. They are competition is some aspects, but take what you can learn from them and apply it to what you do.

Stepping away from the familiar 9-5 can be daunting, but if you are truly ready, don’t let that hold you back. Take the leap of faith, and your wallet might thank you down the line!