A Life Changing Move{ment}


At Ment, we are about more than just “talking the talk” so for the rest of this month, we are going to show you how this whole 3:59 thing can actually have an impact. Hearing people’s goals and motivation to be better are awesome, but sometimes we think to ourselves, “That’s great, but does it really work?”

We would like to introduce you to Shawn Rhodes, an ordinary guy who has done extraordinary things with the help of Dan Klein and My 3:59. Similar to Dan Klein, Shawn received a cancer diagnosis in 1999 that changed his life. Years later, Rhodes recovered and realized that life is much too short to waste time.  

After reading Klein’s book in 2017, Rhodes found that it resonated with him and inspired him to go after those things that seemed impossible to him. He decided to move toward those goals full force – literally, when he decided to enter the half-Ironman, a worldwide triathlon that takes place yearly in the U.S. From then, Rhodes chose to take on the full Ironman in Louisville in 2018 with Klein by his side and later, participated in multiple other races and sporting events. Rhodes has continued setting 3:59s for himself every year and aims to participate in the RAIN, a 160-mile bike ride across Indiana later this year. 


Rhodes said that this goal not only helped him to work on his physical health, but also his mental and spiritual health as it allowed him time to clear his mind and focus on those aspects of his life.

Rhodes spoke on the importance of the SMART method used in the My 3:59 movement and how it holds you accountable and allows you to put things into perspective. He also discussed the method of Klein using social media to interact with others taking part in the Together Challenge, a commitment made by a community of people participating in the movement, and loves to be a part of witnessing the support from one another.

“It’s neat to see where everyone is at with their own personal challenges,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes first met Klein in 2002 when they were both Olympic torch bearers during the relay that took place through Bowling Green. Years later, Klein and Rhodes have become close friends and even participated in their My 3:59s together.

He expressed how powerful the experience has been for him and stated that we underwent what he would call an “epiphany.”

“Here I am doing all of these things that used to be impossible to me…it has been almost as life changing as my cancer diagnosis.” 

There are so many others out there with stories like Rhodes and with the right help of My 3:59, our community has seen a large impact. It was a no brainer to partner with My 3:59 and to take part in challenging ourselves. Inspiration is truly growing in our community and beyond as we all take the first steps toward moving our own stones.

Rhodes referred to one of Klein’s quotes stating, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, your right.”

A quote that we may just have to start looking more at ourselves here at Ment. We have come such a long way from seeing the potential for Bowling Green’s first ever coworking space, to making it a reality – it was a big jump. With the help of Klein and his movement, this will be our year to go above and beyond as we attempt to do bigger and better things moving forward each day. Just as Klein’s story resonated with Rhodes, we hope that we can one day leave our mark on Bowling Green.




Challenging the “Impossibles”


Hey guys, it’s your latest intern Hannah coming back to you in this 2020 year! With the new year officially being here, that means it’s time to start getting serious about those New Year’s resolutions or if you missed it, what we are calling “3:59s.” We are excited to be taking part in the My 3:59 movement and the #TogetherChallenge for the 2020 year.

Dan Klein, author of My 3:59: The Man I Am Called to Be, says that setting goals allows him to be the best version of himself. We could all improve something in our lives and in ourselves right? What better time to start than now! The movement is all about setting goals and setting out to achieve the “impossibles” in our lives. We are encouraging you to set your own 3:59s and achieve them with us whether you are doing the #TogetherChallenge or not. 

As we previously talked about, setting Goals is an imperative part of the process of becoming successful.  Confuscoius says, “The man who moved a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” We are choosing to move our own stones, one step at a time. By following the SMART goals format, we will be making our own goals, creating a plan of action, sharing them with others and most importantly, accomplishing them! Sounds easy enough, right? Chances are you already have a goal in mind, now it’s time to act on it! 

Ment is partnering up with Dan and My 3:59 to encourage everyone to challenge themselves this year and become a part of a life changing experience. And guess what? There’s no cost to join! This is where your journey begins. We have already have our 3:59s – do you? Don’t waste time because the next 363 days will be over before you know it. Get up and move your mountain and always know we are here to help!

3 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Still searching (or maybe you forgot to buy) that perfect Christmas gift for your loved one? We’ve got you covered this holiday season with three DIY gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones faces!

We have noticed how busy everyone is around the holiday season, especially our members here at Ment! We love our members and are always trying our best to give back so we figured what better way to test a few these gift ideas then to gift them out! 

Sharpie Mugs

We all love mugs right? Even better, you don’t even have to be an artist! Just trade in your paintbrush for a sharpie pen and become your own Picasso.

If you’re like me, you may buy your mugs at the dollar store or even the dollar tree. This is perfect because all you need is a plain white mug. Grab your favorite designs, letters or stickers at any craft store and apply them to your mug! Because let’s not pretend like we don’t all own atleast one monogrammed item – am I right?  We also discovered that contact paper works as well! One thing you may need to invest in is an oil based sharpie paint pen. This is important so make sure your paying attention! Regular sharpies will not work for this project so be sure that they are oil based to assure that your design won’t come off. Lastly, turn up the heat and toss them (maybe not literally) into the oven and “bake” for 30 minutes, let them sit, then peel off the sticker! 

And voila – a cute and personalized mug with no hassle!

We are so excited about this one because endless coffee (and other amenities) here at Ment, means you are always welcome to bring your favorite mug or use one of ours. Those free Spencer’s coffee beans are just waiting to be brewed and poured into our mugs! This time next week, the Ment offices just may be “brewing” with happy members and mug lovers! 

Sidenote: while it has been said that these mugs are washable, we decided not to test them out in a dishwasher so approach with caution at your own risk on that one! However, as we obviously go through coffee like its water around here, we can safely say that they are hand washable!


Christmas Sugar Cookie Scrub

Ditch those typical lotion and perfume holiday gifts and give something that not only smells like the holidays but also looks like it! With only a few ingredients, you will be ready to treat your loved ones (or yourself) in no time.

If you don’t already have these things sitting around your house, it should be fairly easy to get your hands on them. You will need sugar because of course you’re going to be smelling sweet, organic coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils (Plant Therapy has a bunch of fun holiday scents!) and a sprinkle of… well – sprinkles! Mix together and pour into a mason jar and you are set! 

So easy and simple and who doesn’t love a gift in a mason jar? Tie a ribbon on it and your ready to gift! While we didn’t mix up this fun concoction yet for our members, we thought it was too neat to pass up sharing. After making up a small batch of my own at home, I can safely say that it will have you smelling like Christmas and your skin glowing! While I will never pass up a trip to Bath and Body Works, sometimes there is just nothing like making something of your own. Not to mention, this makes for a more personal and thoughtful gift for your loved one. 


 Hot Cocoa Ornaments

Not sure if your family and friends would prefer a nice décor item or a sweet treat? Why not make both! It’s a win-win for everyone and a simple gift idea with endless options.

If you like hot cocoa and enjoy Christmas ornaments, you should have fun with this one. Grab some clear craft ornaments from your local Walmart or craft store and get ready to fill them with sweet goodness. Use your favorite packaged instant hot chocolate mix (we chose Swiss Miss) and throw in all of the “fixins” to top it off. I suggest using a funnel for this part because it can get a little messy.  Put the top back on the ornament and there we have it!

A decoration AND a delicious drink…it doesn’t get much better than that! Add a name tag or ribbon to the top for a little extra personalization and you are finished. We had a lot of fun making these for our members and my family just may be getting a few of these too. Just like Ment, these ornaments perfectly fit the definition of functionality. 

An office space that provides the perfect work atmosphere and a fun environment to interact with others —  A decorative holiday ornament that doubles as a sweet treat for later. 

I see no difference! 

These decorations will be hanging from the tree in our lobby all week just waiting for our members to come take them home! 

So there we have it folks! Three gift ideas that are sure to keep you, your loved ones and your bank account happy this Christmas season. With less than a week left before the big day, the clock is ticking so what are you waiting for? Get crafty and have some fun – we know we sure did!

Ment Insider Tour

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If you follow us on instagram, you are probably familiar with what our space looks like by now, However, several people who wonder to our blog have no clue who we are or what we offer as a coworking facility. Head to the link below to check it out and feel free to leave a review on what you think of our space in the comments!

The Newbie Pack in Review: The Spot BG

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You guys have heard us talk about our friends at The Spot before, however today we are bringing you in on our entire experience with them. Hayley & I looked up their class schedule and decided we were going to attend an upcoming yoga class. Upon viewing their website, we decided to YOLO it and purchased the student introductory offer, giving us 14 days of unlimited access for $49. 

If you’re like me, once you sign up for something it is so much easier to commit. It was even easier to be able to just walk across the street and get our classes scheduled for the following two weeks, one nearly every day. This was intimidating at first, being two formerly active, but crazy schedules allowing no room to exercise, women. But let me tell you, it was so worth it. 

We’re going to share some of our favorite classes below:

Power Vinyasa Yoga

We started the week off with Monday morning yoga at noon. This power yoga class was fast paced yet relaxing, energizing, and enabled us to break a sweat during the day to break up our usual routines. Yoga provides a nice brain break for all ages, and you can move at whatever speed you feel comfortable with. 

Boxing & HIIT 

Shew, this one will leave you feeling sore, in all the right ways. If you have any frustration to work off, this is the class for you! I love a challenge and feel so good afterwards. 

Reformer All Levels 

Hayley & I had never experienced a pilates class before and it is unlike any other workout. The reformer class is great for all ages! Jump boards are entertaining while working your legs and abs at the same time, and you can adjust the resistance as needed. Think trampoline while you’re laying down. 


I was unable to make it to this class, however Hayley received a head to toe workout using just her body as the weights. Once you figure out how to use the equipment, it truly feels amazing to use your own body to do the work – similar to yoga. Like many classes we went to, TRX will leave you feeling sore but accomplished. 


A personal favorite, because I needed a good butt kickin. As the lights go down and the music gets loud, spin allows you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Ment member Emily frequents Spin class and says her favorite part about the class is how Charolette the instructor pushes & motivates her. Emily tracks her scores through her Apple watch and is constantly working towards new goals. 

Aerial Yoga

This class was so much fun. Grab a group of your friends and head to aerial for a relaxing full body stretch and look cool doing it. Why just hangout when you can hang upside down? 

When you get stuck, it’s okay to laugh about it. 

And Lastly… Yin Yoga

The best way to end the two weeks was with Yin yoga. This class is peaceful, slow paced and allows you to relax your brain while getting a good stretch in. We call this adult nap time, and if we could do it every day we definitely would. 


Recap… Now unfortunately I found the Spot a little too late and move away from Bowling Green in two weeks *cue tears* however Hayley is looking into becoming a member! If you’re considering trying out the Spot, we say go for it! From the encouraging environment to the multiple different options for breaking a sweat, we can honestly say you owe it to yourself to give it a try!


Why You Should Celebrate Halloween This Year

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With Halloween today, spooky season is in full effect. 

Let’s keep it short and sweet. Here is why I think you should be celebrating. 


It gives you a reason to be together First and foremost, Halloween is an excuse to celebrate! We work hard and deserve days to celebrate with our family and friends. Whether you are passing out candy at home, taking your kids trick or treating, or attending a Halloween party this year, be sure to enjoy yourself and the company. 


You get to act like a kid again – Just because you might be old doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun. Whether you have children or you don’t, take a note from their book – dress up, get excited and eat candy.


You get to put your diet on hold for the day – This might be one of my personal favorites. Don’t be afraid to indulge in all of the spooky sweets and treats this weekend. From the monsters much to the witches punch, it’s all fair game. Even if that does mean digging through your child’s bag of candy or having an extra glass of witches punch. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. After all, Halloween only comes once a year!


If you are reading this and your weekend plans include sitting on the couch, I encourage you to change them. Spend this weekend with your family and friends and go make some memories. Let’s enjoy this tradition and all it has to offer! We all deserve a break from the real world at some point. 


Bottom line is, have fun. 

Happy Halloween!


3 Tips to Break a Sweat


Don’t stay bundled up this season. 

It’s time to SWEAT

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it is easy to get trapped in a routine involving work, eat and sleep. Holidays are near and summer is long gone, so who needs to work out anyways, right? Wrong. 

I had the chance to sit down and talk with Loralee Stephens, owner of the Spot this past week to gain some tips and tricks when it comes to this thing called exercise and getting it done.

With over 18 years of of being involved through the industry from being a group aerobics instructor, personal trainer, fitness director, and club manager, Lauralee has experienced it all. She fell in love with the pilates method and has been a full time studio owner since 2006. 

To my surprise, Loralee said that just like everyone, she does not particularly always love or want to work out. However, when her alarm goes off at 3 a.m. she is excited to get up and start her day.

With these few tips, Lauralee has managed to have some of the same clients appear in her classes for 13 years. If you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get out of it, it’s time to make a change. Don’t just start 2020 on a good foot, end 2019 on a good one as well. 

And here’s how…

Have an accountability partner


Finding an accountability partner is so important. This is for the days that you just wake up and tell yourself, well maybe I’ll do it tomorrow instead and it slowly turns into a reptivite and vicious cycle. If you and your partner commit to holding one another accountable, you would be surprised what you can accomplish. Set goals together, workout routines, even dietary needs. 


Make a commitment 


Write out your workouts in your calendar and set specific time aside to accomplish them. Sign up for a class and pay for it ahead of time. Tell yourself you can do this. If you make exercising a part of your daily schedule, it will benefit your life in so many ways, both inside and outside of the office. 


Find a community


Lastly, and potentially the biggest one. Finding a community will take your experience to a whole new level. Join a gym or class that you are excited to attend, not only for the workout but for the people you get to see when you walk in the door. Find a community that will love you where you’re at but challenge you to grow. After all, we aren’t ment to walk through life alone.


Click here to purchase a 14 day unlimited class pass from the Spot for only $49. It’s time to get out and sweat!


Why Dogs Make the Best Companions

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If you haven’t had the chance to be loved by a dog, you’re doing it all wrong. Dogs are some of the best companions to go through life with and they are guaranteed to stick by your side through the good, the bad and the ugly. As cheesy as it may sound, dogs really do provide unconditional love. Even though we are all human and extremely far from perfect, you will never do wrong in your pups eyes. 


Now let’s talk about all of the ways a dog could benefit your life…


They are always willing to do whatever you want- 

Dogs are so excited to just be with you. Wanna go on a walk? Spend a few hours in the office? Drive around town? Have a lazy day spent on the couch? Whatever the task may be, they are right there next to you feeling so thankful to be included in your life. 


They will reduce your stress at work-

Pets remind people to step away from the stress of the world and provide a temporary distraction including laughter and positivity. Studies have actually proved that pets have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress and make employees more productive. Can’t bring your pet to work? They will be the first one to greet you at the door to welcome you home when you get off. As soon as you give them a reaction, the worries of work will fade, at least momentarily. 


At Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, nearly 6,000 pups share a workspace with their humans. Amazon has a good thing going. But are we really surprised…they always are ahead of the game. We are pet friendly here at Ment and it brightens our day to see furry friends walk in the office. 


They provide unconditional love-

Even when we don’t deserve it, dogs will be there to love us unconditionally. Without even using words, they are there for you even if no one else is. Dogs know our emotions and want to celebrate when we are excited, and cuddle up close by when we are sad. Dogs believe in their humans. What more could you ask for? 


All About the Benefits of a Day Pass. Try it For Yourself!

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If you are scrolling through our site, you are probably familiar with the amenities Ment Cowork has to offer. But have you heard about our day pass or thought about the endless opportunities it could serve you? If you are working in business, quit scrolling and take a few minutes to find out how you could improve. 

For just $25 a day, you can come and work on the second floor of 911 College Street, distraction free. With access to a soundproof phone booth, a conference room and a variety of thoughtfully designed work spaces, Ment offers the amenities to make you look and feel top of the line. Rather than meeting in that overcrowded coffee shop or trying to find some peace and quiet while on your next conference call, give the day pass a chance and find out how much work you could really be getting done. At the end of the day, time is money. I’d say we all can appreciate the value of both of those. 

How much money could you make with out $25 day pass? Don’t ask us…ask a few of our frequent day pass attendees. 

Skylar Wooden, owner of Wooden Writes: “I’m able to do 100% of my work from home. But, working from home sometimes comes with distractions, making it more cost-effective to work outside of the house (e.g. a coffee shop). Though I work in coffee shops often, I cannot have successful client calls with all of the loud chatter. So, buying day passes has allowed me to be in a quiet space with access to a phone booth. The space is also beautiful, so any time I’ve needed branding photos for either of my websites, I’ve had them taken at Ment; I bought a day pass for that as well.”

Kirsty Washam, owner of Fed Up Pharmacist:The Ment Cowork day pass is perfect for my growing business. It gives me a quiet & professional space to work and meet clients. And all of my clients have had wonderful things to say about Ment! I’m thankful Bowling Green has a wonderful space like this.”


Click here to purchase a day pass and take your business to the next level. 


7 Things to Enjoy this fall in Bowling Green, KY

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Fall is in the air and if you’re like me, you know there’s nothing better than pumpkin spice scented candles, a good latte, fuzzy socks and flannels. As cozy as it may be to lounge around inside this season, we urge you to get out and enjoy the fresh crisp air, as well as all of the unique local activities Bowling Green has to offer. 


  1. Jackson’s Orchard Pumpkin Festival – Owned by a local family, Jacksons has been operating since 1969. Enjoy the orchard and all it has to offer from wagon rides to the pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, corn maze, face painting, etc. Don’t miss out on the caramel apples or cinnamon doughnuts, two of my personal favorites. 


  1. Attend a WKU football game – Football in the fall. Enough said. Check out the WKU schedule and see if there are any games you are able to attend in the following months. Enjoy tailgating and cheering on the tops this season! The homecoming game against Charlotte is October 19th. Make sure you mark your calendars for that one, you won’t want to miss it!


  1. Enjoy the local Bowling Green Bourbon & Brewfest – On October 26th, the Bowling Green ballpark will host its 5th year annual event with local distilleries and breweries, live music, food trucks and much more. They even offer designated drivers, how cool is that? Grab your friends and purchase a ticket here.


  1. Grab your girls and head to Gypsymoon Marketplace – This upscale pop up shop takes places at Highland Stables November 7th-9th. Vendors from all over offer a variety of vintage and handmade items. This event is one of my personal favorites and a great time to get ahead of Christmas shopping!


  1. Ready to jump into spooky season? Take a visit to Skeletons Lair, an outdoor haunted scream park located on Cemetery Road. Between the haunted woods, hayride, and house, you will most definitely be entertained. I’m not sure who invented paying money to be scared out of their mind, but honestly i’m here for it. 


Unable to make it to any of these events? Just go outside and enjoy a nice walk while the weather is nice. Take time to hang out with your friends and family and do something nice for yourself. You deserve it! Happy Fall!