Coworking is Working

I have been interning at Ment since February and from the moment I stepped into the workspace for the first time, I knew there was something special. Something special about Ment. Something special about the people who worked there. Something special about coworking.

Prior to interning at Ment, I had never heard of the concept of coworking. I was immediately fascinated by it. The idea of all kinds of industries under one roof, helping each other learn and grow together? I was hooked. I knew I had to jump in head first.

This week, I have been reading 10 Reasons Why Coworking is Working and I could not agree more with the words found in this listicle. The biggest part of coworking that I adhere to the most is the community. When joining a coworking space, you allow yourself to be fed by a community of workers who want to see you succeed, since there is no competition to be better or advance through office politics. Community happens to be one of the values of the whole coworking industry, and for good reason. Once you water the souls of the people working, amazing things will blossom.

Coworking is working for so many reasons. Maybe it’s the flexible hours, the community perks, or maybe it is the free snacks. Whatever it is, this industry is booming and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

However, I believe it is the values that this industry holds so dear that is keeping coworking afloat. You might have noticed that throughout our blogs and our social media posts this month that we have created our own values that align with those of overall industry while being fresh to us. These values are what draw people into our space day after day. We are nearing our first birthday (June 13) and it was important to us here at Ment to establish those values so we have a better grasp on who we are and how we can serve those who come out of our elevator every day.

Being able to identify and stick to our values has allowed us to have something to refer to when times get tough but more importantly, have something to guide us in every aspect of what we do. Our values help us stick true to who we are and gives us the opportunity to serve those in our community to the best of our ability.

What we’re about at Ment is simple: a community curated with you in mind. We want to center ourselves around you. If I do say so myself (I might be a little biased,) but I think we’re doing a pretty good job.