You Should Probably Go Outside

Hello everyone! I am back again with the last blog post of March. Where has March gone? I feel like 2019 just started and we are a quarter of the way through.

Well, you probably know this already, but this month at Ment we have been focusing on making our lives a little more g r e e n, whether that is recycling, getting out into nature, or getting more bang for our buck. We are rounding out this month with a look into our daily lives, examining how much time we are spending outside.

This month as well, we have partnered with the BikeWalkBG initiative to promote people to go out and see our beautiful town. I am not originally from Bowling Green; I moved here in 2016 for my freshman year at WKU. However, I have always found that the springtime is my favorite time of year on campus and in the town as well. The cherry blossoms on campus bloom right around this time. They cover the walkways with shades of pink and red and make the campus all the more beautiful. Outside of campus, I love Fountain Square, with a cup of Spencer’s Coffee in hand. Also, I love to go to local parks and hang up my hammock and taking in the sunshine on my face. Bowling Green has some of the most beautiful green spaces and you would be crazy to not take advantage of them!

Just taking in some of your local green spaces immensely boosts your mental health and overall well-being. Ment Cowork is lucky to be so close to Fountain Square Park and Circus Square Park. Taking a walk outside or in nature is proven to boost your energy and reduce stress levels.

I know it isn’t always practical to go outside every time you are stressed. Instead, open up your window in your office and let the natural light in. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is open the blinds and let the sunshine hit my face. It instantly wakes me up and helps me start my day. Maybe get a real plant to put in the corner of your office. Just that little piece of green will spark something. Something as small as this will kickstart creativity and happiness and we all know happiness beats productivity. Take a lunch outside, display natural art in your office, or meet outside. All of these things create a greener workplace environment.

There are many studies that show the positive impact of nature on us but you don’t need a study to tell you how it makes you feel. I know for me, a day spent in nature raises my spirits. Hopefully some of these tips allow for a lifted, more productive, more g r e e n workday.

P.S. Our giveaway with BikeWalkBG is still going on until 3/29! Head over to our Instagram to enter to win a one day pass to Ment, a Ment hat and shirt, gift cards to Bike Rack Bistro and Nat’s Outdoor Sports, and MORE!