What is Minimalism?


When you think of minimalism, what comes across your mind? Throwing all of your stuff away and living in a van? Decluttering? Living with only x amount of things? Minimalism, simply, is just living with less. It can take on any meaning or definition you want it to. If you want to be a nomad and toss all of your material possessions, I support you. 

Minimalism is a lifestyle that allows more freedom and flexibility as you are not tied down to many material things and must find true value in the things that you do have. It is not possible to live this life without some sort of possessions but if you want to significantly cut down on yours, it is possible. 

The minimalist lifestyle isn’t one that I necessarily subscribe to, but from afar, it looks like one that I could get behind in some way. I have loads of things in my apartment that just does not serve me any purpose anymore or provide me with any joy (thanks, Marie Kondo.) Being able to acknowledge that you do not need something is the first step. The hard part is actually doing the decluttering and tidying, which will end with a more minimalistic life. 

Our culture here in America is so driven by having material things. People are always looking for the next best thing, whether that be a brand new car, a bigger house, the latest iPhone, or whatever they believe will make them look better in the opinions of the people they care about most. It is not true that having more stuff inherently makes you a better person. It just means you have more stuff. 

By incorporating minimalism in your daily life, you will be able to notice some changes occurring in your life. Some of these lasting effects of minimalism may include: 

  • Less clutter 
  • Being more present in the moment 
  • Reduced financial burden  
  • Freedom from a materially driven culture 
  • A greener lifestyle 
  • AND MORE! 

I have found minimalism to be such an intriguing way to live. I see something so freeing in being able to dump a lot of the nonsense in your life and living with things that only add value to your life. I am not wanting to live in an RV for the rest of my life, driving around the continental United States searching for my next home. I just want a life with less clutter. I am sure a lot of us can relate to that aspect in the minimalism realm. 

The minimalism philosophy is not one that has strict rules you must follow. It is about cutting down in your own personal way. The main tenant of minimalism is just intentionality: being meticulous about what you own and only having things that add value to your life. Every item in your closet is your favorite piece of clothing. Every item in your junk drawer is there for a reason. You don’t have more than you need, and you remove everything you don’t. In the simplest of terms, minimalists don’t find happiness in the things of this world, but rather, life itself. 

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