How to say “Thank You” as a Business

Thank you. 

Those two words right there go a long way, farther than you might think. You might say them when someone holds the elevator for you when you are coming to work in the morning, or when your waiter brings you your drink at a restaurant. Those two words convey appreciation and gratitude but they are lacking in the corporate world. 

This article from Proposify really states it well: “A simple ‘thank you’ can show your clients and partners that you value the relationship, and it helps build rapport. For employees and co-workers, ‘thank you’ can instill confidence, demonstrate that the work they do is integral to the success of your organization.” 

A good, old-fashioned thank you can establish brand loyalty. People, when participating in your brand, will feel wanted and appreciated. People don’t want to show support to brands that treat their customers or employees poorly. Customers don’t only pick what brands they like solely on their products or services, they take into account the brand’s values. 

There are many specific ways to say thank you as a business. Of course, there is a thank you note. It is a classic for a reason. It feels personal and that someone took the time to sit down and write a note for you. A handwritten one obviously feels more intentional than an email, but in today’s technological world, it can have the same effect. If you find yourself writing a thank you note, be as personal and thorough as you can. Like I have said time and time again, people, at an innate level need to feel appreciated and your thank you note can provide that. Detail all that this person did that you are grateful for. 

A thank you doesn’t only have to go to just one person. A business can thank all their customers at once! Having a sale or promotion to say thank you for all their service to you as a business is usually well-received. The only thing I can say about this is to make sure that the promotion is filled with real sentiment and not just a reason to make more money. Customers can usually tell the difference. 

As you probably know, Ment Cowork has been celebrating our one year anniversary all month long. We have had a lot of celebrations, which is wonderful. But, our celebrations are about our members and the people who walk out of the elevator into Suite 203 every single day. We want to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of our year-long journey and we can’t wait to see where we go from here. 

Saying thank you should be an integral part of business relationships. It creates an air of goodwill surrounding your brand. The main take-away from this is if you are going to say thank you as a business (and I hope that you do,) make it intentional. Make saying thank you a priority in your company. 

Thank YOU for reading this blog. 🙂


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