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Hello again! Emily the intern is back again and this time I am talking about one of my favorite things: the enneagram test.

If you don’t know what the enneagram test is, it is essentially a personality test. However, the enneagram looks deeper into the human psyche, examining why we do what we do and how that affects us. Here is a link to the official enneagram test so you can better understand what we’re getting at this week: https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test-2.

My enneagram is type 9. A typical type 9 is called The Peacemaker. Type 9s are easy-going, relaxing, and complacent to a fault. We are creative, supportive, and will go along with anything to keep the peace. We avoid confrontation and conflict as much as possible. Along with the personality type, there are accompanying wings, or sub-types, which describe your personality even more. I am a 9w1. A type one is a reformer, seeking moral truth and can be fairly idealistic. According to Enneagram Paths, 9w1 people “follow the rules and fulfill what is expected of them because they truly want to create a harmonious society.”

This week we are focusing on how the enneagram test and your personality type plays a role in the workplace. There are all kinds of personalities running rampant in an office setting—everyone knows that.  The enneagram allows a look into how each person works and how they can best suit their office setting.

In our article for the week, What Your Enneagram Type Says About Your Leadership Style, each enneagram is broken down and they explain how each type functions in a workplace. Each person has unique leadership qualities that they possess. For instance, type 9s probably don’t make the best leaders because we are more reserved and have a tendency to disengage or not take a stand. Not to say that 9s can’t be leaders, but they have a more reserved style of leading. We lead with a more relaxed nature and do whatever we can to keep the peace.

Other enneagram types lead differently. For example, the type 3 (the Achiever) is always trying to prove themselves to everyone around them. They strive for perfection at all times. Type 2s (the Helper) are self-sacrificing, sometimes getting in the way of what needs to be done. Type 6s (the Loyalist) are natural born leaders and plan for the worst case scenario. Their leadership style shines by planning every detail meticulously.

Another wing (ha, enneagram pun) of this week’s enneagram theme is Friends. Yes, the television show that every one on this planet deserves to watch and love. It has been fun to examine the qualities of the characters to determine what their enneagram type is. We are just focusing on Monica and Joey: two characters that couldn’t be more different. Monica is definitely a type 3. She is constantly trying to prove herself in whatever she does: her career as a chef, her relationship with Chandler or to her parents. Joey, on the other hand, is a typical 7 (the Enthusiast.) He couldn’t care less about things like a schedule or high-achieving. Joey’s mind jumps from place to place, not allowing him to finish things he starts.

It is fun to peer into the enneagram through the lens of my favorite TV show, but it is not just something of fiction. The test can help in the workplace. If you know your type, you can learn to better cater to your own needs and in turn, be more productive. I am so excited to learn what all your enneagram types are; let us know in the comments below!

P.S.: there is a band called Sleeping at Last and they release songs every other month for each of the enneagram types and they are all so inspiring. They have yet to release 9 because it is last, but they have songs for each of the other types. I highly recommend giving them a listen.

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  1. Telena Goff
    Telena Goff says:

    I am a type 8! Those that truly know me, know I am a “challenger”. I go hard, if I am threatened or any of my people are threatened watch out! Then when I have defended me or my people, I cool down! Wonderful article Emily! I can not wait until the next one!!!!!

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